Q1 Should I book now or wait until I get to Bonaire?

We limit the number of seats on our boat to a maximum of 9, so we fill up quite quickly. To guarantee a place on the boat it is recommended you book ahead of time. We also recommend that you book earlier in your trip, as many people want to come back for a second trip.

Q2 Where do we meet for the charter?

We meet at the Sorobon fishing docks, at the southern end of Lac Bay. To get there you would take the road south past the airport. Once you reach Bellafonte hotel, you will see our sign shortly after; you will turn left (onto Kaya IR Randolph Statius) towards Sorobon which includes the windsurfing schools Jibe City and Bonaire Windsurf Place. Go past the windsurfing schools until the paved road ends and a sandy road goes around in a circle. The fishing docks are located there, and the boat should be in the water. Our truck should be visible parked near the boat launch. See the map of Bonaire here: http://www.infobonaire.com/maps.html

Q3 What time do we meet?

We meet at 8:00 am and are leaving the dock at 8:15 am.

Q4 What should I bring on the boat?

We provide water and all safety equipment that you would need. We can stow collapsable dive bags, but there is no room for rigid bags or containers. All you need to do is bring your dive equipment, your certification card, and yourself.

Q5 Can we bring dive cameras on board?

By all means we encourage our divers to take pictures or video and nothing else from the reef! However, due to the wind and wave conditions we are unable to pass cameras overboard when we drop you off. We politely request that you enter the water with your camera and video equipment yourself; we will demonstrate camera friendly entries to you on the boat.

Q6 Do you dive only in front of Lac Bay?

No, we dive all the coast east and north of Bonaire. Currently we have explored only as far north as Spelonk, but are looking to push further north. Check back on our website regularly to learn about our 'mystery dives' as they are planned!

Q7 What can we expect to see?

We commonly see hawksbill and green turtles, green morays, spotted eagle rays, and southern sting rays. Occassionally nurse sharks and caribbean reef sharks are seen. Of course, all the typical reef fish and creatures are present also!

Q8 What experience level is needed to dive the east coast?

You need to have a valid certification and to have some recent dive experience (so you have your equipment and weights figured out). Our boat is designed to get you to the dive sites safely, bypassing the shore entries which can be difficult. Once in the water you will find diving there is similar to the west coast of Bonaire with differences only in the reef structure and the organisms you see!

Q9 Do you ever cancel a charter due to ocean conditions?

We haven't cancelled a charter yet. We may choose to go to alternate locations due to wave and wind conditions but this is very seldom. Also, in the case of lightning we often just delay diving until the conditions pass.

Q10 Is the boat available for special functions?

Yes, we can charter the boat out for special functions. Contact us to discuss prices as they vary based on what is needed.

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